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Practical. Affordable. Effective.

The researched data you need to make the best educated decisions for your short and long term brand development, business goals, and marketing success.

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affordable options

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Your Bernays MIND marketing plan will cover DIY options.

These options will provide valuable industry insider information and an effective execution timeline to keep you on track to hit your personal and professional goals.

This is available for all MIND Members who schedule a Marketing Review after completing the Soft Audit Form, and Brand Builder Form.

MIND Members do have the option to continue to use services provided by Bernays MIND, even after they have selected the DIY path.


Bernays MIND offers many affordable start up and small business services for long term brand growth and higher profit strategy.

Marketing Management
Marketing Consultation
Marketing Streamlining
Marketing Analysis
Marketing Audit
Marketing Plans
Brand Identity Development
Consumer Demographic Targeting
Website Design
SEO Engineering
Email Marketing
Paid Advertisement
Public Relations
Social Media Advertising
Influencer Marketing
Graphic Design
Video Production
Online Classes

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Drawing out the best map for your long term business goals and branding destination is the most logical launch to your customer's journey.


In this fast paced world with advertisement for marketing services saturating your news feed, it's difficult to feel confident that you are making the correct choice for your business.

We have been scammed too!

This is why Bernays MIND is upfront, with no sugar coating or "fancy" marketing terms / acronyms.

Bernays MIND is not interested in being a household name brand, which is why we don't spend our time marketing our brand.
Bernays MIND only cares about marketing for our MIND Members.

We are committed to honest work bound by integrity for your brand.

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The Bernays MIND CEO believes in honest work with no BS. The CEO takes pride in getting down to the nitty gritty and rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.

The MIND Team is extensively trained with the MIND Method to perform at the highest level. With focus on internal business development and human connection, the CEO values every MIND Member as well as the Bernays MIND Team as an integral part of the global economy.  


The platform was designed to attract business minded people who are serious about success. Those are the clients we want referred to us.

Bernays MIND isn't focused on our own brand marketing. We prefer the "old fashioned" business method of doing solid work to gain your referral. With our marketing model, our clients receive quality with no hype or gaslighting.


Marketing Audit

Bernays MIND Member Marketing Branding Brand SEO Influencer Consultation Management Online

Before you spend 1 dollar on marketing applications, web design, logo design, brand development, product development, or paid advertising - get the researched data you need on your industry trends, competition, and customer identity to create the most effective marketing plan.

If you are in need of marketing management, marketing streamlining, website design, re-branding, brand development, in search of investors, or want to launch a great idea -
you need a marketing audit to create a sound marketing plan and make the best educated decisions. 

It makes good business sense.

Marketing Plan

After a marketing audit is performed, a marketing plan is developed to outline all the steps and marketing streams required to meet your business plan goals.


With a marketing plan, a start-up or active business can clearly define and determine how to execute the next steps for their brand expansion.

It is highly recommended that a third party, trusted professional performs a marketing audit and creates a marketing plan.

Although options are available to DIY, acquiring the experience and outlook from an industry expert will produce better performance results.

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