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project overview

Artist Video Template

Bernays MIND created video template for client website to be updated for each artist page.

The client has access to update the video template for each new artist and ability to place on their website when needed.

Project Details

This project required the hands-on design and development of a new website, and SEO geo-targeting engineering. With the implementation of a newly constructed website, the business owner was able to successfully move forward with the expansion of their building. The project also included a marketing audit and a 1-year marketing plan for 2023 with the intent of brand and store expansion goal earmark mapping.

Project Success Marker:

Went from page 6 to page 1 with targeted key search terms allowing the owner to hire a full staff of artists and expand their storefront.

NOTE: The business was purchased at the start of the 2020 pandemic and was able to expand with the combination of a good business plan and with a systematic marketing plan properly executed regardless of the lockdown.



  • Website Development

  • Website Booking Forms

  • Website Consent Forms

  • Website Creative Design

  • Website Video Design

  • Social Media Content Creative Design

  • Brand Creative Development

  • Social Causes Project Creative Design

  • Event Marketing Creative Design

4 Sarah Lester Project 3.jpg


  • Marketing Audit

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Website SEO Geo Targeting Engineering

  • Event Marketing Strategy Development

  • Social Media User Engagement Strategy Development

  • Email Automation

  • Email Marketing

4 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Media Press Public Relations K

Public Relations

  • Social Causes Project Development

  • Website Employee Hiring Forms

4 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Email Advertising Marketing  E


  • Marketing Consultations

  • Analytics

  • Monthly Website Maintenance 

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