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project overview

Project End Date
August 2023

Project Details

This project required the hands-on design and development of a new website, and SEO geo-targeting engineering. With the implementation of a newly constructed website, the business owner was able to successfully move forward with the expansion of their building. The project also included a marketing audit and a 1-year marketing plan for 2023 with the intent of brand and store expansion goal earmark mapping.

Project Success Marker:

Went from page 6 to page 1 with targeted key search terms allowing the owner to hire a full staff of artists and expand their storefront.

NOTE: The business was purchased at the start of the 2020 pandemic and was able to expand with the combination of a good business plan and with a systematic marketing plan properly executed regardless of the lockdown.



  • Website Development

  • Website Booking Forms

  • Website Consent Forms

  • Website Creative Design

  • Website Video Design

  • Social Media Content Creative Design

  • Brand Creative Development

  • Social Causes Project Creative Design

  • Event Marketing Creative Design

4 Sarah Lester Project 3.jpg


  • Marketing Audit

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Website SEO Geo Targeting Engineering

  • Event Marketing Strategy Development

  • Social Media User Engagement Strategy Development

  • Email Automation

  • Email Marketing

4 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Media Press Public Relations K

Public Relations

  • Social Causes Project Development

  • Website Employee Hiring Forms

4 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Email Advertising Marketing  E


  • Marketing Consultations

  • Analytics

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