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project overview


Project Details

This project required the management and development of a holistic health influencer, from website design to public image grooming. This project also required brand streamlining, and press content development. The project also included a marketing audit and a 1-year marketing plan for 2023 with the intent of brand evolution and polishing.

Project Success Marker:

Successfully launching new revenue streams, booking paid keynote speaker opportunities and television segments.



  • Website Development

  • Website Creative Design

  • Website Video Design and Editing

  • Paid Marketing Video Design and Editing

  • Brand Creative Development

  • Brand Creative Design

  • Social Media Marketing Creative Design

  • Seasonal Campaign Creation Design

  • Blog Design

  • Blog Content Creation

  • Press Kit Development

5 Sarah Lester Project 3 (2).jpg


  • Marketing Audit

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Website SEO Development

  • Brand Streamlining Strategy Development

  • Video Marketing Strategy Development

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Development

  • Blog Retention Strategy Development

  • Blog Marketing Strategy Development

5 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Media Press Public Relations K


  • Public Speaking Coaching Sessions

  • Public Relations Coaching Sessions

  • Social Media Management Coaching Sessions

  • Public Image Coaching Sessions

  • Social Media Strategy Training

  • Social Media Content Development Training

5 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Email Advertising Marketing  E


  • Daily Task Management

  • Task Management App

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