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Personable Management Style

Objective Operations Performance

Sarah Lester applies creative ingenuity and impartial human relations structuring to all internal and external marketing, management, and brand engineering project aspects.

By placing extreme importance on internal and external marketing evolution in conjunction with constituting a more practical operating system focusing on the human connection, Sarah Lester’s team building skills, management performance, and brand evolution map constructions assures positive long-term business growth and brand trust.

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Sarah Lester delivers aptitude, comprehension, and leadership experience.
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With over 25 years of experience in online community forming, label building, creative design, visual communications, market research, and operations management, Sarah Lester finds personal satisfaction in establishing lasting connections between the audience and the brand.

To ensure creative project and marketing management success, Sarah Lester creates a marketing audit and 1-year marketing plan for every new proposal. This enables the enterprising construction of a comprehensive goal targeting plan to properly launch, tune-up, or streamline any project, brand identity, marketing creative, or marketing stream.

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The Sarah Lester Course of Action

Review current and future business goals

Study competition and economy

Study current industry trends

Audit current marketing strategy, streams, and branding content

Adjust, create, or restructure current marketing strategy

Streamline project management

Create project teams

Create a logical timeline of content blueprint

Create content

Manage marketing streams

Structure paid advertising campaigns

Generate press

Review project management strategy

Review Conversion


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