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Marketing and Creative Design
Control the World

Take control of your brand development and small business GROWTH

with the Bernays MIND marketing psychology METHOD and consumer engineering EXPERTISE.

We research your industry, competitors, and audience to produce the results you need.


Watch the video below.

Discover the Bernays MIND expert business growth hacking process, creative digital marketing strategy, and audience engaging content creation methods.

Regardless of the business niche or product profit goals:

Bernays MIND executes seamless digital marketing management and creative brand development. Our team produces measurable results based on thorough client communication, detailed industry research, and absolute audience awareness.

  • Streamline your brand identity

  • Target your audience

  • Target strong SEO keywords

  • Take control of your marketing streams

  • Get an engaging website

  • Get a lower CPC

  • Get a ROI on every marketing dollar you spend

  • Get educated on your industry and competition

  • Get a marketing plan

  • Set effective business goals

  • Grow your business quickly

  • Grow your business profits


We don't just "take the job".

We create a strategy for long term success and profit increase.


Tell us what you need.

We will listen.

We will work with you to deliver an effective marketing plan.

Bernays MIND will contact you via email unless otherwise specified by you in the "question" section.

Check your email / spam boxes for a response.


Hire the best agency for your business marketing audit report.

The Bernays MIND marketing engineering strategies delivers
start-up entrepreneurs, small businesses, or public figures
next-level brand expansion management on a strategic timeline
with a 32-page Soft Audit Report and a 1-Year Marketing plan.

The Bernays MIND marketing philosophy combines proven Edward Bernays consumer engineering psychology methods and researched insights to identify business marketing strengths and weaknesses, product core audience understanding, expanding brand audiences, in addition to industry competition market saturation techniques.

A comprehensive marketing analysis, performed by a data-driven analytics agency, is the first step to small business strategic growth hacking. A well-researched marketing audit report is also recommended for influencer marketing, digital marketing, public relations, press, media, graphic design, and advertising campaign management.

All Bernays MIND client journeys are managed by experienced brand development experts.

Free marketing consulting, skilled social media managers, talented graphic designers, and conversion-driven website construction teams to implement your custom built marketing plan is what you can expect from the Bernays MIND system.

Our proven CRM techniques creates a powerful consumer journey map to capture and retain the desired demographic for your company objectives.

Affordable & Effective
Business Growth Solutions

Bernays MIND provides start up and small businesses of every industry with affordable brand development, consumer targeting, and customer retention services.

Contact us to receive executive marketing agency performance, firm cost effective project management, and the comprehensive data you need to make the best educated decisions for your short term and long term business marketing and branding goals.

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