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Bernays MIND Top Marketing and Branding Service

Bernays MIND provides start up and small businesses of every industry with affordable low cost website design, SEO development, public relations, social media management, consumer targeting, and customer retention services with cost effective project management, and the comprehensive data you need to make the best educated decisions for your brand's short term and long term goals.

  • Streamline your brand identity

  • Target your audience

  • Target strong SEO keywords

  • Take control of your marketing streams

  • Get an engaging website

  • Get a lower CPC

  • Get a ROI on every marketing dollar you spend

  • Get educated on your industry and competition

  • Get a marketing plan

  • Get more clients

  • Set effective business goals

  • Grow your business quickly

  • Grow your business profits

The Bernays MIND CEO has over 25 years experience in small business strategic growth hacking as well as influencer marketing, public relations, press, media, graphic design, and advertising campaign management.

The Bernays MIND marketing philosophy combines proven Edward Bernays consumer engineering psychology / methods, researched analytics, and powerful content development to get any start up entrepreneurship, small business, or public figure to the next level of their brand expansion on a strategic timeline.

MARKETING SERVICES MEMBERS and CLIENTS have 24 access to low cost services, and training with executive level execution and thorough communication.


MIND Members can get a comprehensive 30 page marketing and brand analysis along with a 1 year marketing plan when a Marketing Review Meeting is scheduled.


We don't waste your time or money.

Sign up on the Bernays Mind FREE MEMBER platform and easy sign up providing 24 hour convenience and dedicated service.

Marketing and Creative Design Control the World

Take control of your brand development and small business growth with the Bernays MIND marketing psychology method and consumer engineering expertise.


Do you have questions that need answered?

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Bernays MIND will contact you via email unless otherwise specified by you in the "question" section.


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Affordable & Effective Business Growth Solutions

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