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Bernays MIND provides a cost-effective online management service to start-up, streamline, and advance all business marketing and branding avenues. Regardless of your industry or goals, the Bernays MIND Method will actively get you where you want to be.

The Bernays MIND System is designed for storefront owners, online business owners, influencers, and even politicians to turn their brand into a success on a local, national, and global scale. Our MIND Members have several options to launch their brand expansion, business start-up, or receive the marketing management and streamlining they need.

With a marketing audit, marketing plan, and MIND Management services, every business has the opportunity to advance into the brand growth they want at a price they can easily afford.


Bernays MIND Member Marketing Branding Brand SEO Influencer Consultation Management Online


Your first consultation is free!

After becoming a free member and completing the Soft Audit Form and Brand Builder Form, schedule your free meeting to review your marketing development goals.

Bernays MIND Member Marketing Branding Brand SEO Influencer Consultation Management Online


After the free meeting and purchase of the Soft Audit PDF and 1-year marketing plan, schedule your 45-minute marketing review (FREE WITH A MARKETING AUDIT) to receive personal management direction and have questions answered.

Bernays MIND Member Marketing Branding Brand SEO Influencer Consultation Management Online


Stay on track for business success.

Schedule a follow-up meeting to get brand consumer data, questions answered, analytical consulting, marketing training, and additional marketing management services.


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Create the best connection between the customer base and business identity by analyzing and controlling every aspect of the brand development right down to website font.

Generate new customers by building local, domestic, and global brand image identity with confidence knowing every aspect of the brand perception has been masterminded for longevity.

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Brand Analytics
Brand Market Development
Brand Fundamentals Development
Brand Affiliate Development
Brand Networks Development
Brand Content Development
Brand Marketing Development
Consumer Brand Trust and Retention Development
Employee Brand Trust and Retention Development
Corporate Identity Development

Video Editing Timeline


Creative Direction and Creative Project Management for all industries and client identities.


Bernays Mind flawlessly ties together brand identity with marketing goals to create visual concepts on a strategic timeline for long-lasting customer journies.

Project Management
Project Consulting
Visual Content Creation
Audio Content Creation
Script Development
Website Design
Print Design

Product Design


Bernays Mind cultivates media kits; oversees press release management; implements web-scrapping methods; provides style consulting, and public image coaching for brands and individual personas with the aim of generating long term organic growth and brand identity trust through properly engineered media influence.

Review of Style / Image

Review of Press Kit

Review of Negative Online Content

Creation of Public Relations Strategy

Creation of Public Relations Timeline

Creation of Press Release

Creation of Fashion / Style Concepts

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