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Bernays Mind Marketing Brand Development SEO Growth Hacking Client Success Austin TX Texas

project overview

Project End Date
December 2022


Project Details

This project required the development of a new website to include brand updating and real estate space rental. This project also included SEO geo-targeting engineering to assist in business longevity during the 2020 pandemic and commercial real estate building plans.

Project Success Marker:

In fall 2022, completing 13,722 sq. ft. shelled retail building / new commercial construction across the street from the Raiders Headquarters and Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center.



  • Website Development

  • Website Creative Design

  • Studio Branding Design

  • App Creative Design

  • App Development

  • Video Creative Design

  • Video Editing

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Social Media Marketing Creative Design

  • Online Rental Walkthrough Creative Design

6 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Media Press Public Relations K


  • Monthly Marketing Strategy Development

  • Website SEO Geo Targeting Engineering

6 Queen Sarah Lester Marketing Branding Portfolio Project 1 Email Advertising Marketing  E


  • Downloadable Lease Agreement Development

  • Downloadable Lease Agreement Creative Design

  • Online Booking Service Development

  • Online Membership Development

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